InvestiGATE Activities

Thank you to all the students/families who participated in the Fun Friday Tower Building Competition!  We were so happy to see so many participate! Congratulations to our Fun Friday Tower Building winners!

  • Marshmallow tower winner: The Glassner brothers built a 17” tower!
  • Lego tower winner: The Ritchie sisters built a 63 3/4” tower!
  • Lego Duplo tower winner: Hunter Ferrante built at 70” tower!

This week’s Fun Friday will be a whole spirit week!  See the attached handout for a different spirit day theme to last the entire week! 

Have Fun!  The 8th grade InvestiGATE class

Friday Funday Spirit Week

Fun Friday

Week of Kindness

This is the time of year when the main office calendar and weekly events would be packed with activities as we head toward the end of the school year. Unfortunately, this year will be a bit different.

The School Climate Team has met and will continue to meet over the next few weeks; our goal is to provide fun activities that the students can participate in as we get closer to June 16th. Our first will be KINDNESS WEEK; please see the Kindness Rocks flyer below for information on how to participate. Challenge #3 is a donation for the Flemington Food Pantry – I want to make it clear that if this is not possible for your family, please do not worry! Participate in challenges 1 and 2 (maybe do TWO things for challenge #2!).

 Kindness Rocks

Kindness Rocks

Kindergarten Info

For Registration information please contact our Main Office

Britian Moore / 609-397-3179 x402


Social Emotional Resources

Kathleen Racile / Supervisor & HIB Coordinator, x404

Kathryn Wilk / HIB Specialist & School Psychologist, x411

Chelsea Davis / HIB Specialist & Social Worker, x412