Wait-list Information

Waitlist procedures updated 11/24/2021

  1. Families interested in securing a seat in the 2022-2023 Wildcats Preschool Program should send an email of interest to Pat Pillon. Please supply the following:
  • Name of student
  • Birthdate
  • Parents’ names
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Two working emails
  1. Students will be place on a waitlist in the order of receiving them.
  2. In late January, all families on the list will be sent an inquiry confirming the request. Applications will be sent to interested parties.
  3. Students will be accepted as the applications arrive, based on the waitlist. While every effort to include all students will be made, please be advised that there is a limit to enrolled students. Return partial applications if health requirements will need time to fulfill. There will be a $100 down payment required with the application to secure the seat.
  4. Please be aware this is a tuition-based program. Tuition is currently $6750 per year, subject to board determination per year.
  5. Families will be notified on a rolling basis, as applications arrive. Seats for students whose families do not respond by March 15th will be assigned to waiting students on the list.


   Our Wildcat Cubs Preschool proudly utilizes the Creative Curriculum, which is a developmentally sound program that provides hands-on and extensive learning opportunities for each child to actively explore. Our curriculum is aligned to the New Jersey Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards to create a well-rounded learning experience focusing on the following areas of early childhood development:


     1) language development (listening and speaking, reading and writing)

     2) social/emotional development (sense of self, responsibility for self and others, prosocial behavior)

     3) cognitive development (learning and problem solving. Logical thinking, representation and symbolic thinking)

     4) physical development (gross motor, fine motor)


   Through play, small non-static groups, and large group learning, our driving goal is to provide a learning environment that incorporates the many unique interests and abilities of each child, in turn fostering grand individual growth within and across all developmental areas. Embracing a positive connection with learning and their own wonderful abilities is key for a child to remain a successful, engaged, and dynamic, life-long learner. DTS Wildcat Cubs Preschool is a great way to start building that foundation!


DTS Wildcat Cubs Preschool provides an inclusive learning environment open to both typically developing children and those with special needs.

*Full Day program:  Monday-Friday 9:00-3:00

 We accept students as soon as they reach their 3rd birthday!

Contact Information

For more information and/or to schedule a visit to the DTS Wildcat Cubs PreK Program please contact

School & CITE Supervisor:

Patricia Pillon x315