Borrowing Procedures

The purpose of the Delaware Township Library is to promote a life-long love of reading and to provide students with a nurturing environment to help them learn to research, encourage a desire to learn and use technology, and to foster independence in book selection.

Students visit the library on both a scheduled and an independent basis.  Students are allowed the following number of books at a time:

Kindergarten: 1 book

1st grade: 1 book until Jan then 2 books

2nd grade: 2 books

3rd grade: 2 books

8th grade: 2 books (plus as needed for research projects)

There are no fines on overdue books, but Mrs Kirchberger will surely remind you when your books are overdue!

If you lose or damage a book, you will be charged a replacement fee or you can replace the lost book on your own with an equal quality replacement.

Hope to see you in the library!!  

Keep Reading!!