Child Study Team

Phone: 609 397 3179   Fax: 609 397 8354

Supervisor of Special Services:  Kathleen Racile x404 M-F     

Learning Consultant / Coordinator of Child Study Team:  Marianne DeFronzo x410 M-F     

Social Worker:  Chelsea Davis x412 Tue, Wed, Thr

Speech Therapists:  Sue Warren x108 Mon-Thr     Marlana Loden x108 Mon & Wed     

School Psychologist:  Kathryn Wilk x411 M-F     

CST Secretary:  Mary Holuta x413 M-F

Related Services Contacts

Occupational Therapist:

Therapeutic Intervention, Inc.

Jennifer Creagh Mon & Tue

Physical Therapist:

Children's Therapy Services, Inc.

Laura Davison Mon